Allmypicz was born to provide a safe and practical space where users can store and organize their media files: pictures and videos.

This is the place where you upload all your pictures, organize them in albums the way you want, and just share the ones you desire with specific people or groups, or not, maybe you just want to keep them for yourself, forever, that's fine! Period.

Some of the reasons and motivations behind it:

  • Other platforms don't provide the right tools and features:
    • Facebook is too messy, has too many complex features, and even if it seems like everybody is on Facebook, there are actually people not using it.
    • Instagram is not designed to store and organize your pictures in a nice way.
    • .. and who knows what interest those companies have in your pictures and your privacy.
  • It's not right to put all your personal memories on a network where maybe tomorrow you'll close your account, you should instead save them in a safe space.
  • We believe the right platform must be loyal to its purpose and its users and find the best balance between providing value to the users and having a healthy business model that provides income to pay the servers and improve the service.

So if you're new around here: Sign up, organize your pictures and provide us feedback to make it the best personal pictures manager!

If you are interested in business relations let us know using the contact page.